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StepsWeb is an online programme, which is designed to work on iPads, Chromebooks, Android tablets, PCs and Macs, using Chrome, Safari, or Edge.  Providing you have reasonable internet access, you can access StepsWeb from any location.  This enables your learners to learn from any location, on any device.

Every school which has a current Steps network licence can now get 15 online FREE log-ins to StepsWeb, which can be allocated to pupils immediately.  These are now included in the licence cost.  Additional log-ins can be purchased as necessary.  These can be added at any stage and pricing will vary from around $5 - $30 pa, per log-in.  See below for details.

StepsWeb includes the following:

  • Courses Section

This section includes structured courses, which you can follow independently, or in conjunction with our workbook courses, Steps to Literacy Initial and Steps to Literacy.

The placement test will place your learners at the right level and StepsWeb will monitor their progress, analysing their errors and creating individualized revision modules.

  • Wordlists Section

This includes a variety of wordbanks, covering high frequency words, frequently mis-spelled words, spelling structures and rules, grammar points (incl plurals rules), word study (incl.  prefixes, suffixes, root words), subject and topic vocabulary.  Over 6,000 words, sentences, clues and definitions.

Wordlists also gives you the ability to create your own lists, either for classes, groups or even individual learners.

  • Visual Recognition Speed Test

StepsWeb will automatically test your learner’s visual recognition speed and monitor their progress.  This test measures how quickly a learner can visually recognise a word in milliseconds and can identify learners with difficulties in this area.  This aspect is linked with the operation of the Visual Word Form Area of the brain, which is responsible for instant visual recognition of words (and consequently reading fluency).  The test also sets the starting speed for activities within StepsWeb which practice and develop this aspect.


StepsWeb log-ins can be purchased independently without having a Steps Network licence for the software version.    This means that schools can simply purchase online log-ins, if they wish.  However, since 15 free log-ins are included in the Network licence, this means that the Network Licence is, in effect, free if you have purchased at least 15 log-ins.  

We recommend that schools continue with the Network licence, as this gives continued access to all the printable resources and to the General section, which contains a variety of supplementary activities, including the alphabet and number sections and activities which practice grammar, word study, auditory processing, memory, rote sequences, tracking and others.

Additional log-ins can be purchased at any point.  These will run for the same period as your network licence and will be charged pro rata for the remaining term of the licence. 

Example:    You have 6 months remaining on your licence and wish to purchase 3 additional log-ins at $10 pa each.  You will be charged as follows:     3 x $10 pa  =  $30 pa   x  .5 (6 months) =  $15.  Your new log-ins will expire at the same time as your Steps Network licence.

StepsWeb log-ins can be re-used.  A learner can be deactivated (without losing their data) and replaced by another learner within the same licence period.  Consequently, if a learner leaves the school, his/her log-in can be reallocated to another learner.


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