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StepsWeb Workbooks 1-6

Suitable for learners with spelling ages from 7:6 to adult.

StepsWeb Teaching Guide 1-6


StepsWeb Workbook 1


StepsWeb Workbook 2


StepsWeb Workbook 3


StepsWeb Workbook 4


StepsWeb Workbook 5


StepsWeb Workbook 6


StepsWeb Workbooks 1-6

The StepsWeb course (1-6) is highly structured, multi-sensory and suitable for learners of all ages. Excellent for learners with processing difficulties such as dyslexia and for learners who just need more structure and reinforcement.
Learners show an average improvement of 3 years in reading and spelling over a 1 year period of tuition at 1 hour per week. Workbooks actively develop processing skills involved in literacy, including phonological awareness, visual discrimination, visual and auditory memory and tracking.

A remedial literacy course for learners 8yrs upwards with reading/spelling age 7-10+.


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